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All Businesses require financial expertise and the financial background experience to drive profitable, sustainable growth.

Our team works directly with entrepreneurs, owners, and management to improve a company's
long-term financial health. We become part of your team, bringing our diverse experience and
network of resources.

Is your business optimised and working efficiently?


In this day and age, it can be challenging to effectively manage your business when you are running your day-to-day affairs. It is important to take a step back and review what is going well and where things could be better.

At LSW Consulting Group, we specialize in helping you review and analyze your accounting reports to understand where you are making your profits and which areas of your business are inefficient.

We can conduct a review of your finances by product, market or customer and help guide the business on where you should be focusing your resources to maximize profitability and growth.

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We will set up an initial consultation where we discuss your goals, business needs and understand your current pain points.

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