Insurance Marketing

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Insurance Marketing


Light Speed Web has a world-class team ready to give your insurance company the marketing guidance and assistance needed to increase your success. Insurance marketing involves the social media, website, blogs, Google Ads, and other display ads of your business.

With an easy-to-use website, clients will be able to access information regarding insurance on their lives, homes, and vehicles. Your Insurance website needs to show how trustworthy and reliable your insurance company is, and display other qualities the target audience wants to see.

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Growth and Success

Like all businesses, Insurance companies need digital marketing to grow and become even more successful. By using online marketing, your insurance company will stand out from the rest of your competition, and increase the accessibility for insurance agents. We can help create more growth and success but using the following


Social Media

With most of the population using social media platforms to do their shopping, researching, comparing and even just connecting, social media has proven to be very effective for businesses. For Insurance Marketing, social media is good to engage customers, promote their brand and increase leads, even if people aren’t following their web page.


Landing Pages

When customers are looking for information, landing pages on your website can help. When you use specific keywords on your pages, more people from your target audience can see you have relevant information. Landing pages are great to answer common questions regarding insurance policies, or topics of interest for your clients.


Online Reviews

Reviews from online platforms can be read by countless people who are looking for the best product. They want to know what the people who have dealt with you and your products think and say about what they’ve experienced. Reviews are very important and have a large impact on your business. Let us help you on your online platforms so you can get the reviews you need to increase leads, build trust and stand out in your industry.


Use of SEO

Search Engine Optimization will help your business rank higher on searches when people type in certain words like insurance near me, or insurance in (your city.) SEOs help you speak to the people who will be interested in your products and other relevant services.

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Marketing Guidance and Assistance

Light Speed Web uses the above tactics and more, to bring your company to a level above the rest. Insurance companies need as much marketing as any other business, and it’s a perfect way to get information out to those people who really want to know about insurance. If you get your company name and brand out there, even if people aren’t ready to get insurance now, they will keep your company in mind when they do need insurance or insurance-related advice.

Working with Light Speed Web will help you reach out to your already-loyal customers, as well as new clients from your target audience. Building your network through digital marketing will help you sell more policies. With our specialized web developers, app developers, and web designers, we can help you develop an insurance marketing strategy

Marketing Guidance
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