Real Estate Marketing

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Complete Transparent Process

The first step is to create your Adwords account. We have a proven methodology that has been tweaked and refined over the past years to prove its success across various industry verticals. Since most people search for homes on their mobile devices today, this type of marketing is cost-effective and efficient to find listings. Real Estate marketing can also improve your brand and assist it to rise in rankings on Google.

Just like you have to stage a house and create a curb appeal for a home, you need to design a website that is going to draw people in. It needs to be attractive and interesting, and Light Speed Web has the team to help put it all together.

Having a marketing strategy matters, because it is what will bring clients to your business, and hopefully buy a new home. It can also help a client sell their home. Real Estate marketing is also about building your own brand so you can attract clients.

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What is Involved in a Real Estate Marketing Campaign?

There are several areas that are involved with Real Estate marketing. Let’s take a look at how a few can help you.


You will need more than just a website. In Real Estate, you need to have more than just listings. Clients are looking for substantial content, information, and topics of interest relating to real estate. Blogs are an interesting and easy way to create this outlet for relevant information for clients and more. Remember blogs can have videos as well as words. Give current and potential clients a variety of mediums.


Google Ads Account Setup

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A website should include campaign information, listings, blogs, and information about you and your business. Make sure the client has a clear and easy-to-understand way to get in contact with you. You can also give people the opportunity to become part of an email contact list.

Social Media

Although some businesses can be skeptical, social media is an ideal platform to help you during a marketing campaign. With the many platforms available, you can interact with people, give information, answer questions, swap ideas, look at photos and even chat. Social media is an easy way to get your business noticed.

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Brand Building

Getting your Real Estate business to stand out among so many others, can seem like a challenge, but when you use Real Estate marketing, you will be able to do that with ease. Light Speed Web uses world-class web designers and developers, as well as Web App developers to help you in your digital marketing campaigns. You want people to see your brand and recognize it right away.

Brand Consistency is important.

It leads to Brand Recognition.

Remember to use similar headers and images throughout all your channels and platforms.

Fonts, colours, styles of print should all be the same as well.

Keep the tone of your printed content the same throughout all your channels.

Let Light Speed Web bring your Real Estate Marketing to life. Let our experience and determination help your business shine as we work with you to achieve your business dreams.

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