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Why Does a Renovation or Construction Company Need Marketing

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Most renovation and construction companies today have some sort of marketing plan, including a variety of social media platforms. Of the group that does have marketing, most tend to stick with just a website and Facebook. Light Speed Web knows you need a world-class, all-around marketing strategy for growth and success.

Without a well-designed plan, you can expect to have a lag in customers and growth. People today have mobile devices that they use for almost everything. You must take advantage of digital marketing for the most success, as you will reach more of your target audience online. Light Speed web can take your company’s marketing from dull and boring to top-quality results.

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What should be included in Renovation and Construction Marketing Strategies

There are several areas that are involved with Real Estate marketing. Let’s take a look at how a few can help you.


By posting photos, you are not just showing the remarkable before and after of beautiful homes you have done, you are also showing what your company can do. This is one way of attracting new customers, and it works. It shows the progress you make during the renovation or construction, keeping the engagement of visitors to your website or social media platforms. People also like to see behind-the-scenes photos.


Google Ads Account Setup

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Blogs, podcasts, videos, and case studies are all important factors to have on your website and social media platforms. These are all creative ways to promote your renovation or construction business.  Quality content on relevant topics should be posted regularly.

Relevant Industry News

Posting verified and relevant articles dealing with industry news gives visitors a variety in content. It also increases the information you put out regularly and sets you apart from others in your industry. Posting relevant industry news shows you are keeping up with current ideas, trends, techniques, and styles.



Showing awards confirm you are an experienced and qualified contractor or renovator. Awards show how your work is beyond average, and worth looking into. Social media platforms are an easy way to promote your award-winning business.

Information about you and your company

When you are posting on your website or social media, don’t think you just need to talk about what you do as a job. People want to know what your holiday parties are like and what you do in your spare time. People want to know where your business came from, how it started if you do charity events or team-building exercises. The public wants to know if you do anything other than work. Short profiles of your workers make them more approachable and add personality to your business.



Reviews and testimonials are extremely important to promoting and growing your business. People want to hear first-hand how others have liked your work and services.

Light Speed Web understands the necessity of a specialized, quality marketing strategy for renovations and construction companies. Let us show you what world-class experience and care can do to turn your marketing strategy from being just fine to being spectacular and successful. We care about you, your business, and your continued success. Let’s work together today and generate the digital marketing campaign that works for you.

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